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Why Every Animal Lover Should Go On An African Safari

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Now, I know what you may be an African safari would be amazing but it sounds too extravagant. And, to be honest, I previously thought the same thing. I have always been that person who would choose visiting a zoo over a beach or an aquarium over a sporting event. I love animals and am completely fascinated with learning as much as I can about different species as well as the many conservation efforts geared toward keeping wild animals alive and thriving. I have wanted to go on an African safari for a long time but other, seemingly more accessible, destinations have gotten my attention over the years and, up until now, I had not entertained the idea of going on a safari. But, while places like Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World hold a very special place in my heart, that doesn't mean there isn't room for exciting animal-centric destinations around the world.

In 2012, I took the most amazing vacation of my life (so far)...I went to Guadalupe Island off of Mexico to cage dive with Great White Sharks.

I will always remember that experience as being one of the best weeks of my life. So, why have I waited so long to go on a safari??

As a travel advisor, I have the opportunity to learn about all sorts of vacations and destinations, and African safaris have jumped to the top of my bucket list. An African safari trip is a life-changing experience for all types of travelers...from couples enjoying romantic sunrises over the African landscape to kids learning about African conservation efforts during family-friendly educational experiences. Not much is more powerful than seeing exotic, wild animals up close in their own habitat.

Guests on an African safari will experience the vibrant culture, scenic beauty and natural wonders that Africa has to offer, enjoy incredible wildlife encounters and discover the rich biodiversity of the region. You can get up close and personal with animals such as elephants, cheetahs, hippos, giraffes, hyenas and lions. Here are eight reasons to go on an African safari.

1. Escape the ordinary and retreat to nature

African safaris offer the perfect opportunity for you to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and are a really great way to recharge your batteries and explore untamed places. You get a complete change in scenery and can experience vastly different ways of life to that of western society. Travelling through Africa at a relaxed pace allows you to get in touch with nature, far away from the stresses of modern life.

2. See exotic animals in their natural habitats

You get to see Africa's wild animals in the flesh and watch them roam freely in the bush, falling asleep to the sounds of mother nature. An African safari gives you the chance to observe rare and mysterious animals in the wild while immersing yourself in the wilderness.

3. Budget-friendly vacations

There are plenty of budget-friendly African safaris that deliver excellent value for the money. Most African wildlife safaris include lodging, meals, sightseeing and game viewing so you can manage your budget more closely before the trip and reduce unexpected extra costs that often add up on vacations. By choosing a safari package through a travel service, you get the best travel deals because of established relationships with reputable tour operators.

4. Travel with expert guides

The knowledgeable and experienced guides on an African safari not only show you the way but also give you more insight into the movements and behavior of Africa's wild animals, as well as a deeper understanding of the cultures and sights you visit on your travels.

5. Oh the photos you will take!

You will witness awe-inspiring scenery on an African safari that will provide plenty of stunning photographic opportunities for memorable photos of the incredible places, people and wild animals you get up close to on your journey.

6. Fun adventures & safari activities

Action-packed itineraries will ensure that you see as much of Africa as possible on your trip. You will visit well-selected safari destinations and hidden wildlife gems, making for a more rewarding and memorable journey through Africa.

7. All ages are welcome

African safaris are suited to people of all ages - from small kids and teenagers to young adults and grandparents. The safari travel industry is well-established across Southern and East Africa with many experienced tour companies offering excellent trips to amazing destinations.

8. Make a difference

Last, but not least - taking an African safari helps support wildlife and nature conservation across Africa. The cost of an African safari includes conservation fees for the game reserves and wildlife centers that you visit, helping to protect these wilderness areas and the wildlife that inhabits them. Many safaris include accommodation at environmentally responsible lodges and safari camps that contribute toward the well-being of African wildlife, as well as local communities.

Safari trips in can be combined with other nearby destinations to expand on the cultural experiences travelers can have. For example, a trip to South Africa's coastal Cape Town offers loads of options for food, art and architecture as well as five-star accommodations perfect for relaxing.

P.S. Cape Town is also one of the best places in the world to go cage diving with Great White Sharks. Just in case that sparks your interest too.

Many guests choose to customize their own safaris to create a perfect combination for their individual desires. There are also pre-planned safari packages that incorporate a variety of aspects that give guests a well-rounded cultural experience.

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Regardless of the type of trip you are interested in, Forbidden Journey Travel can help with all of your travel needs. And, as with all vacations, using us as your travel advisor will not cost you anything extra. In fact, in many cases, travel agents can actually find specials and deals that you may not have access to.

Contact us if you are interested in experiencing an African safari or any other vacation destination.

Live your travel life to its fullest!

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